Pre-K3 and Pre-K4

Students learn how to use the mouse and navigate educational sites/programs independently. Many of these students have only used tablets/mobile devices and are using a desktop computer for the first time. Software programs that we use are educational or artistic only.

Kindergarten (K5)

Students graduate to learning how to control their computer better and follow simple sets of instructions to accomplish tasks. They learn how to open/close programs, how to use educational sites, control the volume of their speakers, and basic use of the keyboard. Most of our educational programs focus on phonics or basic math skills.

First/Second Grades

Students learn more about following directions to complete simple computer tasks. We provide students with an opportunity to work on AR and IXL in the computer classroom and progress to learning basic research skills and finding information safely online. We also begin teaching them digital responsibility.

Third/Fourth Grades

Students begin learning to use the G Suite for Education (formerly Google Apps for Education) and learn the first steps in programming using and Scratch (developed by MIT.) We start learning how to use the different elements of the Suite for completing and enhancing class assignments. For the programming units, we focus on taking an idea and developing the logic to complete the task.

Fifth Grade

Students continue using the G Suite for Education and begin learning how to use the spreadsheet and presentation apps. Students learn how to use the G Suite Classroom and submit assignments digitally. They learn how to “share” documents with their teacher to save resources and request feedback. We continue with programming and start designing games in Scratch.

Sixth/Seventh/Eighth Grades

Students attend as part of the Enrichment rotation. Each group focuses on a different set of skills.

  • Sixth Grade: Presentations in Google Slides and Prezi
  • Seventh Grade: G Suite Classroom, creating custom documents such as brochures and flyers.
  • Eigth Grade: Spreadsheets for budgets and organization, Charts, and using the results in other G Suite Apps

Ninth Grade

This is the final required year of technology instruction. Students may currently choose from two different courses of study but are required to complete ONE SEMESTER of technology for graduation. Both groups are required to learn Digital Citizenship which covers topics such as digital copyrights, cyberbullying prevention, ethics, their digital footprint, and their responsibilities as young adults in the digital world.

  • Computers with Keyboarding: Students are required to complete a digital keyboarding course which allows students to pace themselves while learning basic keyboarding. Students are required to complete the 3-part course with a minimum speed of 25 CWPM.
  • Computers with Programming: Students will complete a course in Java programming using the software program Netbeans. We will focus on planning/implementation of a programming, the basics of object-oriented programming, and the creation of standalone programs.