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Spanish Language Offerings & Curriculum

Spanish 1: Spanish 1 is designed to be taken in either Advanced or Honors track. We focus on three departments; Culture, Vocabulary, and Grammar. Culture is discussed at the beginning of every chapter and it specifies on a certain country, vocabulary is broken into two sections as well of grammar in each chapter. We get the basic concept of Spanish in this class. This class can be taken as an elective, if it is approved from teacher.

Spanish 2: Spanish 2 is designed to be taken in either Advanced or Honors track, and it is a continuation of Spanish 1. This class is also broken down into three separate departments, Culture, Vocabulary, and grammar. Culture is now cities in Latin America of the countries we discussed in Spanish 1. Spanish 2 takes a deeper depth into grammar and vocabulary. This class is designed to add everything learned in Spanish 1 and finish with Spanish 2.

Spanish 3: This class is more of an elective, you must have taken Spanish 1 & 2. This class first semester is to recap everything learned in Spanish 1 & 2, with culture, vocabulary, and grammar. Second semester we make it more of a conversation class and learn more about countries that we didn't discuss in Spanish 1 & 2. Very interactive based class, more college level learning with conversation, culture and everyday world views of Latin America.

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club celebrates the Hispanic culture and provides interest in the study of Spanish through cultural experiences and helping others in our community through service. Students will develop leadership skills to make a difference in the school and community, by learning from the Hispanic/Latino culture. Members must be taken Spanish 1, 2, or 3 class and must have an overall B grade point average.

The goals of the Spanish clue are:

  1. To promote the interest of the study in the Spanish culture
  2. Members will enjoy celebrating Latin American festivities
  3. Field trip in the fall to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month on dances and cultures
  4. Members will be able to attend summer overseas trip to Latin America with EF Tours