Fine Arts

Private Lessons
At Sacred Heart we are proud to offer our students the possibility to further their music ability through piano, guitar and voice lessons. Lessons are offered throughout the day and after school. Approximately 50 students are taking advantage of these lessons.

Elementary Music
Music class should be fun! Our students, PreK-4 through Fifth grade, sing, dance, stomp, clap, skip, bang on drums and play musical instruments. In addition, our Third graders learn to play the recorder and are doing well. Also, during the Fourth and Fifth grade we will explore xylophones and other instruments to learn notes and rhythm. Our elementary music students perform at Grandparents Day, has a Christmas program and has the opportunity to be involved in our annual Talent Show.

Academy Music
In 2013 we expanded our fine arts department to include Music in the middle school curriculum. The students enjoy learning how to play the guitar, making music videos, learning about musicals and other hands on activities. The sixth through eighth grades can also participate in our annual Talent Show as well.

Sacred Heart High School Choir
Sacred Heart High School Choir has an energetic and committed group of students. They lead music in our weekly school wide mass, prepare music and sing at our graduation mass, mentor our younger students in childrens choir and are involved in their own church music programs.

Childrens Choir
Our childrens choir is open to any student in second through sixth grade. We are active in participating in school wide masses as well as parish masses that include Christmas eve mass and First Communion. The choir has been invited to sing in their community Christmas Village and other venues around our city. The kids enjoy singing in their community and sharing their talents with others.

Sacred Heart Drama
Sacred Heart Drama works to ensure that theatre remains accessible, and most importantly entertaining, for not only those who are participating, but for those who are attending performances, especially current and future students. A theatrical production needs an audience. So part of the SHC drama's mission is to teach our young people to have a healthy respect and appreciation for live theatre and to know how to behave appropriately during a performance.

The beauty of live theatre is that a multitude of unique, educational, and inspiring stories, both classic and contemporary may be told. Together, students in the cast and crew will accompany one another on a journey in pursuit of excellence, and they shall foster strong bonds of friendship, camaraderie, mutual encouragement, and loving concern for each others well being and personal growth.

Recent performances include Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella Wore Combat Boots, How to Eat Like a Child, and Aladdin. Currently the drama department is working on Alienated and will perform High School Musical in the spring. Each fall our students prepares for a Dinner Theatre show and in the spring presents a musical.

Choral Director
Mrs. Ashleigh Russell has been the music director at SHC for four years and is the choir director at Sacred Heart Church. She is a graduate of Carson Newman University located in Jefferson City, Tennessee and has been teaching music since 2000. She also teaches private piano and guitar lessons. Most recently she taught at St. Jude the Apostle Catholic School (2006-2010) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She is a member of AMTA.

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We prepare students to think both creatively and critically. Students are trained to be producers of art and a source of knowledge and motivation for the community. We build on pre-existing skills and develop new ones, helping students to gain confidence in their fellow students.

We offer information and enrichment to the school and diocesan communities by providing quality opportunities for display of talent.

We encourage life-long participation in the arts, appreciation for the uniqueness of each person, and responsibility for the stewardship of God-given gifts.

We strive for the highest standards in all things, preparing our students for active participation in the community for the service of others.

Music is a wonderful gift from God and is a valued part of our students’ educational experience. We believe that music is essential to the emotional, spiritual and intellectual development of all children. Musical training has significant influences on brain development, so children do better in all areas of learning and behavior when they participate in music classes.